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Six Great Gifts for Deserving Moms

This Mother’s Day, make mom feel special and show her how much you care with these six great gifts, just for her. A Stitch in Time Does Mom have a great dress that needs a nip and tuck?  Take her to STITCH, the VIP alterations shop that will make Mom feel like a queen. The [...]

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Five DIY Healthcare Products that Will Help You Have a Healthier New Year

Only 8 percent of people keep their New Year’s resolutions, but if you are motivated to rid yourself of muscle pain, improve your posture and feel your best in 2015, here are some DIY health products that can help you keep your promise to yourself for a healthier New Year and beyond. Sit Straight Good [...]

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Random Gifts You Didn’t Get But Wish You Did

Wondering what to do with those random gift cards, or the store credit you will get when you return those very thoughtful gifts that you will simply never use?  Take advantage of after-holiday sales, and pick up a few nice things for yourself, that no one thought to get you, but you wouldn’t mind having. [...]

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Smart Features on a Smartphone that Help Get You Fit

In today’s digital age, the most oft-heard refrain in the tech world is, “There’s an app for that.”  Well, there’s also a device for that.  Now there is a phone for the active lifestyle with apps to go with it. The Galaxy S 5 Sport is the smartphone for you if you are a guy [...]

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Easy Little Rider: The BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Makes Commuting with Kids a Breeze

Parents of young children traveling by plane often have the dilemma of the pick-up.  Either chance a taxi ride with no child booster for the car seat -- as in most states this is allowable by law for short hauls in hired vehicles, or trouble a relative or friend to arrange for a booster for [...]

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Decorative Mats for the Home

Years ago only grocery store clerks and other workers who stood for long hours had anti-fatigue mats underfoot. They were utilitarian looking (read ugly), but they did the job of relieving foot, leg and back pain from standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.  Now these cushiony floor mats are designed for home [...]

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Beach Body by Summer?

 My doctor just told me that at my age of forty-something, I am at the age when a woman gains the most weight of her lifetime.  So, I have made a commitment to myself, that I will step up my exercise and diet regimen so that I can at least maintain my present weight, if [...]

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Putting Together Creative Gift Baskets

  Guest Post written by Anne DelBalzo   Growing up, my mom used to assemble enormous gift baskets for my grandma and great aunt every holiday. She would include snacks and treats they enjoyed, as well as essential items for their homes. They were elderly, and so a basket full of goodies saved them from [...]

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Shopping My Way to College

My son enters kindergarten next year, but it’s never too soon to think about his higher education.   I have been saving for my son’s college tuition from the day he was born, depositing a set amount into a special account my bank, no matter what, even when times were tough financially, by golly I [...]

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