The dazzling unstoppable REVOQ fidget spinner

WeFidget creates ultimate fully loaded fidget spinner The hot new fidget spinner REVOQ from WeFidget is the best thing I've seen since the faux Cartier diamond encrusted solid gold spinner on SNL. https://youtu.be/iN6df0twmJQ Though I'm not a connoisseur of fidget spinner's, my nine-year-old son he is. He and his friends are so addicted to them that [...]

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Helping children combat sleep anxiety

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-of-teenage-girl-256657/ Tips to help you help your little ones get a good night's sleep As a parent, it’s a public matter that the biggest nightly challenge you need to face is to get your kids to bed, stay there, and sleep. Of course, it’s difficult, but it’s one of the things that you need [...]

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Get on a (foam) roll

How to use a foam roller to relieve muscle stress and soreness Dr. Michelle Beamer, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, ASTYM, Rapid Rehabilitation guides me through my roller routine.   When we hear the term DIY, we usually think of home improvement, but in an age when insurance coverage is uncertain and responsibility for one’s own health [...]

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Smart baby monitor measures baby's sleep

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the Internet of Things in the baby carriage. After Baby Gigl, the smart baby bottle that notified caregivers via an app of the quantity of nutrition babies received and detected bubbles that could cause colic, now there's Nanit, the “Tesla” of baby monitors and the first video monitor which [...]

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Oddest Easter egg hunt promo ever

Okay, this will probably be the yuckiest egg hunt you read about this season. Yes, I know, this is something most parents will have to deal with, and embarrassment and shame about it just perpetuates the issue, but really, did they have to bring it up in association with Easter? Here's the pitch from the PR folks: [...]

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Pressed for time, the Skin Laundry hi-tech facial cleans skin in 15 minutes

Skin Laundry is an apropos name for a new breed of salon that offers the latest laser technology facials. As the name promises, the treatments clean the skin, at a deeper level than possible by other traditional  facials, and without the downtime of redness and breakouts. The treatments take about 15 minutes and are done [...]

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ROKU for sushi date night

ROKU restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood dashes the belief that you can only get authentic sushi at an underground, insiders’ sushi bar. While there may be a certain romanticism about dining at an dive sushi bar, there is much more to be said about enjoying the ambiance of a fine restaurant while also [...]

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Fun food and drinks for finicky kids

If your kids are always saying “nothing sounds good” when it comes to food, add a little fun to their snacking experience with these treats, that might even be good for them. Super veggie pizza Do your kids claim they are allergic to vegetables?  Good luck getting them to each that spinach ice cream; but you [...]

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