Temecula, the little wine country that could

The first thing you pick up on meeting the folk of Temecula Valley wine country is that they love where they live and what they do.  Take one part wine, two parts passion, add family, and you get a blend of people dedicated to their craft of wine making and their lifestyle in this best-kept-secret [...]

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The Hotel Del – One of SoCal’s Oldest and Most Beloved Family Hotels

A 1991 movie, LA Story, made fun of Los Angeles and its lack of history and culture.  Steve Martin cynically gives Sarah Jessica Parker a tour of our fair city exclaiming, “Some of these buildings are (wait for it) … 20 years old!”  But indeed there are some Angeleno landmarks and traditions that date back [...]

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Elephant Parade in Dana Point Raises Funds to Help Asian Elephants

Exhibit Displays Herd of Baby Elephant Sculptures Painted by Artists and Celebrities If you thought whales were the biggest animals to watch in Dana Point, get ready for a spectacle of huge proportions as Dana Point hosts the Elephant Parade: Welcome to America, on display until November 17.  Don’t worry, animal lovers, this is not [...]

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Ride Out LA’s Heatwave at Local Water Parks and Theme Parks

School may be in session for many of Los Angeles children, but that doesn’t mean summer fun has to end. Hot weather in SoCal often lasts through October and November, so lucky locals who are just a car-ride away can enjoy smaller crowds off-season at local theme parks. Here is a short list of the coolest chill-out rides and slides and best places to stay and eat for the most awesome endless summer ever.

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LEGOLAND Hotel Opens in Carlsbad

Themed Rooms and Kid-Friendly Amenities Offer Guests LEGO Daze and Shiny Knights Our family was thrilled to be among the first to experience the new LEGOLAND Hotel, which opened this week with a flourish, literally, as a knight in full regalia, along with a dusty adventurer riding in a motorcycle sidecar, and pirate who repelled [...]

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Lake Tahoe: A Winter Wonderland in Spring

With the world’s largest alpine lake at its center, beautiful Lake Tahoe is a wonderful family destination offering plenty of mountain sports and activities for kids of all ages, with a “winter” season that begins around Thanksgiving and lasts through early summer. Happy Trails Our family resort hopped across Tahoe starting with the massive Squaw [...]

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Troutdale: There’s Plenty of Fish in the Pond

Fishing near LA?  That’s what friends asked when we suggested we take our boys angling one afternoon.  Yes indeed, there’s fish in them there hills.  In Agoura, just an hour from the city, in two trout-stocked ponds on little compound known as Troutdale.  The best thing about Troutdale is that kids are just about guaranteed [...]

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Home Goods for the Holiday’s

Gift Ideas for the Happy Homebody on Your Holiday List  Whether or not the weather outside is frightful, some folks just like to spend time at home.  So bring the holidays home to the nester on your list with these five fabulous home goods gifts. Christmas Cookery Forget the poinsettias.  Make the centerpiece of your [...]

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Getting the Star Treatment at the Montage Beverly Hills

Montage Presents World-Class Amenities with Heart for Visitors and Locals The Montage Beverly Hills is host to families from all over the world as well as many local patrons “Genuine” and “Beverly Hills” might not be words heard together often, but the Montage Beverly Hills brings them together with grace and synergy.  The [...]

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