Fireworks and skiing in Lake Tahoe

Mountain resorts make history by extending ski season to July Fourth   Careful what you wish for For the first time in history, mountain resorts in Lake Tahoe have officially extended their ski season through July 4th weekend. After several dry winters, the Lake Tahoe resorts saw their snowiest season on record, reporting 700 inches [...]

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Summer shape, for your vehicle

Protect your paint and interior and keep all systems go for summer road trips Just like your Mom told you, even if the sun is behind the clouds, UV rays can be damaging to your skin; but bet she didn’t mention what those rays can do to your vehicle.  Sun, heat, salty sea air and [...]

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United CEO says airline will give $10K to re-accommodated passengers

In case you didn't see it, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz issued a mea culpa yesterday, apologizing for the horrible handling of "re-accommodating" a passenger who was left bloodied and dazed after security thugs dragged him from his seat. While many outraged consumers vowed to #neverflyunited, as a frequent traveler, I often do not have [...]

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Suiting up for spring snow sports with fly hi-tech gear

This year’s epic snow sports season is likely to go strong into late spring and even early summer months. Some North American resorts have reported on high-snowfall years that their slopes stay open as late as the Fourth of July. So gear up in style for spring skiing and riding with these slick head-turning fashions [...]

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Mountains of fun at Sundance

Sundance Mountain Resort offers year-round family friendly activities When most of us think of Sundance, we think of the film festival founded by Robert Redford in the 1980s. The indie filmmaker event moved many years ago to nearby Park City, Utah, but still today Sundance Mountain Resort remains a beacon for creatives and independent spirits, [...]

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Chill out at the Shade Hotel Redondo Beach

Need a weekend away from the kids?  How about a stay-cation where you can feel a world away but you're close enough to bolt home if the babysitter needs you?  The Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach is just the escape.  The chic and modern hotel is so waterfront that peering out of the sliding glass doors [...]

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A short weekend in Long Beach

A beach, a city, and a harbor for ships and visitors Living 17 years in LA, I visited Long Beach about half a dozen times. It served as a halfway meeting point for me and friends who lived in Orange County. We had brunch and dinner there on occasion, and I visited the aquarium with [...]

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The 2017 Cadillac CT6 is a true driver's car, that families love too

Our family recently had the opportunity to cruise in style in the 2017 CT6 on trip to Buena Park, California.  If you know anything about Buena Park, you know that like Texas, everything around those parts is big.  There’s a lot more land and space compared to neighboring Los Angeles, and wisely developers have built [...]

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Family Attractions in Carlsbad

Most people think of Carlsbad, California, as the town where LEGOLAND is located. The theme park is certainly a main attraction, but Carlsbad has much more to offer, including many unexpected charms, as our family discovered on a recent trip. About 90 miles from LAX, or two to three hours by car depending on traffic, [...]

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