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Sharing is caring as families enjoy the offerings of the new share economy

The share economy offers new ways for families to travel and experience vacations All aboard a Boatsetter yachting experience in Marina Del Rey, California, where boat owners host guests for a private cruise experience for an evening or overnight Our parents told us it was good manners to share our toys when we were [...]

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Give Mom a Nudge for Better Health for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, give mom something that no money can buy--- health, love and support. Moms looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in a fun, easy and interactive way are flocking to Nudge, the mobile health app that creates a rewarding way to log in and record lifestyle activities in order to work towards health goals. [...]

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Momentage Photo App Shares Beautiful Moments

Shares Your Memorable Moments, with Beauty, Elegance and Privacy Controls For my fellow mom bloggers who are inseparable from their smartphones, constantly taking photos to post on social media -- no longer must you choose a single image to share, thanks to Momentage, the new instant photo sharing app in town.  Momentage is a one-of-a [...]

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