Fred 62 is #1 for my 10-year-old

Iconic Los Feliz diner serves up everyday, anytime food for everyone I was afraid my picky, eats-like-a-bird 10-year-old son would not find anything to nosh on at Fred 62.  Trained by his health-conscious dad at a young age to have a taste for only healthy, gourmet food, he generally scoffs a restaurant fare, but we [...]

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Turningfire modern rotisserie puts a modern spin on roasting on a spit

Eagle Rock eatery turns up the heat with flavorful rotisserie cuisine Turningfire Modern Rotisserie in Eagle Rock is a year-old restaurant with a fire-brand new concept that is skewering traditional rotisserie cuisine. Michael Rolibi came up with the idea of a rotisserie restaurant with a modern twist in a setting he calls premium casual, which [...]

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If you thought sneaking off to Micky D's was bad…

  Fat Sal's Deli gives the bros what they crave As the name Fat Sal's Deli implies, you would not expect to find quinoa salads and kale here. This is a burger and sub joint. And also chili, and shakes. The subs are, well, fat, some of them filled with everything but the kitchen sink. [...]

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Tam O' Shanter for family dining at its most Scottish and inspiring

LA's famed oldest restaurant was Walt Disney's inspiration for many of the Magic Kingdom's rides and attractions Tam O' Shanter is most famous for being the oldest running restaurant in Los Angeles, and if you know anything about the fickle LA culinary crowd, you know this is a notable achievement. Besides its historic longevity, this [...]

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ROKU for sushi date night

ROKU restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood dashes the belief that you can only get authentic sushi at an underground, insiders’ sushi bar. While there may be a certain romanticism about dining at an dive sushi bar, there is much more to be said about enjoying the ambiance of a fine restaurant while also [...]

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L'Ami welcomes guests with Mediterranean ambiance and cuisine

For a family brunch, romantic dinner or drinks with friends, L'Ami aims to please Before I appraise the food at L’Ami in Santa Monica, I would be remiss not to mention another recommendation of this charming restaurant, the atmosphere.  This Mediterranean oasis, in the middle of Los Angeles, adjacent to the popular Brentwood Country Mart, [...]

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Locanda del Lago Welcomes the Family for Dinner

The term “family restaurant” means different things to different people.  At Locanda del Lago it means many things.  The traditional Northern Italian restaurant at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade has stood the test of time in LA where eateries go in and out of vogue with the seasons, but a typical bustling multigenerational Saturday night [...]

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Cerveteca Downtown LA’s Menu Offers a Melting Pot of LA Cultures and Tastes

Guest post by Stephanie Houfek Just open a month, Cerveteca Downtown LA is bustling on a Friday night like a trendy and happening spot that’s been around for years. Other than a few newbie servers still learning the ropes, the place seems settled in like the artsy-techie neighborhood’s mainstay it is destined to become, serving [...]

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