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Osmo STEAM experience helps kids learn coding and music

Coding Jam is the video game-like system that teaches kids to code while they play The other day my son commanded Google Home to play a custom playlist he had created on a Pandora. Two things occurred to me about this. First, wow. The digitally connected future vision of the The Jetsons was coming true; [...]

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Tech the Halls – 12 Great Gadgets for Each Day of Christmas

Do You Hear What I Hear? Listen to your favorite carols on A-Audio Legacy Headphones, with the first-ever three-stage listening technology, which allows for selection between base enhancer, active noise cancellation and audio modes – putting listeners in the driver’s seat to choose the sound that best suits them in the moment. Comes with a [...]

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Microsoft Store Has Their Own Geniuses

I love my Microsoft tablet, a Nokia Lumina 2520 , with a foldable keyboard case that can go anywhere, especially if I want full functionality but not a heavy and bulky laptop to take on blogging assignments, etc.  Now Microsoft has their own stores like the Apple store but done better in my opinion.  They [...]

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Trampoline Safety – Get a Jump On It

Trampolines are rebounding as the must-have backyard accessory. Back in the day, trampolines had the reputation as too dangerous for even insurance companies to cover, and they lost favor among parents. Today, trampolines are springing back, thanks to new designs that make them safer than ever. Jumping on a trampoline is not just fun for [...]

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Ray Donovan Look Out – This Mom Fixer is Bringing the Krazy

As I watch the preview screeners of Ray Donovan (don’t worry, no spoilers), I am fascinated by the concept of the “fixer.” This is the person that makes everyone’s messes go away and repairs anything that goes wrong. I find this ironic, as this is how my son regards me. I am the fixer around [...]

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The Little Girl Who Inspired Her Parents to Shake the World

  Most people think of meal replacement drinks as tasteless chalky swill that either geriatrics patients or very sick people imbibe, but the Komlete line of shakes from Kate Farms were made to be delicious enough that a picky kid would drink them.  As the world’s first meal replacement shake, Komplete is organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, [...]

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Celebs Take Home More Than Awards During Hollywood Award Season

Drool Worthy SWAG and Pampering Lead Up to the Big Night for Celebrities Award season is upon Hollywood, and that means lots of glamour, glitter and gifting.  The latter is the way smart brands are reaching celebrities and other tastemakers by providing samples of their wares at gifting suites and in gift bags surrounding the [...]

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flarePlay Vies to be Netflix of Gaming

  flarePlay gamebundle has a simple proposition:  You buy (or get free through a promotion) a game console and controller, and then you pay a $9.99 subscription fee monthly to get unlimited games.  The set up takes must minutes and is as easy as connecting the console using HDMI and USB ports (or using a [...]

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