This is What?

My partner Kira and I rented Michael Jackson's This Is It documentary and were watching it with my two-year-old son Stephen when he exclaimed, "She's dancing!" He was referring to Michael Jackson. "No, no," I gently corrected, "Michael Jackson is a man.  He's dancing." My son was unmoved.  "No she's not." He continued to watch the show and comment [...]

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Mommy Come Lately – Just Seeing Must-See TV

  A few weeks ago I got the DVD set of the first season of Showtime's "The United States of Tara" in a gift bag from the HRC LA Gala, an event that I provided pro bono PR services for; otherwise I am sure I would not have rustled up the energy to attend, hired a babysitter, bought [...]

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The Challenge of a Gender-Neutral Easter Egg Hunt

My partner and I are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the neighborhood kids, and in the planning process we have learned how pervasive gender-role modeling is for children, and how unintentional it can be.  For starters, we got baskets and prizes for all the children, who are a mix of boys and girls.  We found [...]

“Can Animals be Gay?”

Here's a preview of "Can Animals be Gay?" an article due to run in the New York Times magazine April 4 about same-sex couplings and their roles as "parents" to offspring in the animal world.  The bottom line is that the research on the subject matters confirms that same-sex mating and "parenting" happens in nature.  It's an objective observation.  [...]

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Smart Book on Kids Health

I just got a review copy of The Smart Parent's Guide to Getting Your Kids Thorough Checkups, Illnesses & Accidents:  Expert Answers to the Questions Parents Ask Most.  It's a great resource on everything from choosing the best emergency room to how to decide or not to give a child medicine and many other important questions that parents frequently [...]

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People’s Court – Craigslist Sperm Donor

Judge Marilyn Milian's self-proclaimed favorite case ever.  I feel sorry for the women, as clearly they very much want to get pregnant and have children.  The judge shows compassion about this and encourages them not to give up due to this experience.  I agree with the judge that their contract did not stipulate how many donations the [...]