Who’s the Man?

The question "Who's the man?" comes up a lot for me.  As a mother who has opted to have a baby using a sperm donor, and as a woman in a relationship with another woman, many people have asked, "Who is the man?"Latley I have wondered about this myself. Who really wears the pants in our family? [...]

Baby2Baby Wants Donations of Baby Items for LA’s Needy Families

For those living in the Los Angeles area, please consider donating baby items that your family no longer needs to this worthwhile cause.   Spring Cleaning with Baby2Baby If you’re in the midst of spring cleaning, wondering what to do with the clothes, blankets and baby gear your kids have outgrown, give to Baby2Baby—a charity that [...]

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To Know Him is to Love Him

I just returned from a 13-day trip to the east coast with my 2.5-year-old son Stephen.  During our trip I realized something that, perhaps for many moms is a given, but for me it was a truly amazing and significant discovery:  how well I know my child. Introducing my son to new things, people, surroundings and situations, I realized that  I [...]

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The Spirit of Grandma

My female friends -- and actually a few male -- have at one time or another exclaimed in horror, "Oh my God, I've become my mother."  Well, I've done them one better.  I've become my Grandmas.  At forty-something, and mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old,   I've discovered I am the re-incarnation of my frugal and practical Gramma Pearson-Pruitt, who never saw a need to [...]

I’m Easy

I have three easy-to-win contests in conjunction with my Mother's Day gift guide, and the more I read about other mommy blogger contests, I think I am WAY too easy.  No requirement to blog about it, join and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. , and my prizes ($100 card from Gift Card Mall, $100 Teleflora bouquet, LittleWriteBrain [...]

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Balance is a Crock, Sleep is for the Weak — A Must-Read for Every Crazy Busy Mom

My mom seemed to do it.  Work, come home, fix dinner, keep the house neat and clean, shuttle me to and from baton and gymnastics practice, shuttle my brother to Boy Scouts and piano lessons, etc., and keep our family happy and keep her sanity.  How did she manage?   Perhaps there are a few SuperMoms out there, but for [...]

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Two Moms, One Special Day: 30 Great Mother’s Day Gifts and Giveaways

Mother’s Day on May 9 is a doubly festive occasion for two-mom households.  Not only do children get to show their love for their two moms, but moms get to show their appreciation to each other as parenting partners.  For the mom, or moms, in your life, show how much you care with one of [...]

The Kids Are All Right Trailer

Trailer for The Kids Are All Right. The Kids Are All Right is the heartfelt new comedy from acclaimed director Lisa Cholodenko, starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo. Two teenaged children (Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson) get the notion to seek out their biological father and introduce him into the family life that their [...]