From Newsweek: You Got Your Sperm Where?

This article talks about a very disturbing DIY trend in insemination.  This is VERY, VERY dangerous territory, legally, emotionally, and otherwise, for mother and child.  The author glosses over a major point, "What if the donor claims custody?"  The issue of health concerns is also great, if a donor conceals health problems.  The tests for [...]

Don’t Swaddle Hips Too Tightly: Hip Dysplasia Institute Offers Safe Swaddling Tips

I was a big proponent of swaddling to keep my son calm and quiet as an infant.  I had no idea of the dangers of swaddling too tightly.  Fortunately my son does not have any hip problems due to swaddling.  Hope this helps for other moms who swaddle. Incorrect Swaddling Related to Increase in Infant Hip [...]

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So You Think You Can Write? HubPages Announces Online Writing Contest

Author's Note:  In case you have not heard of HubPages, it is a great outlet for writing about topics you know while making a little money too! HubPages Announces Contest, Helps Educate Community on Online Writing Skills   SAN FRANCISCO, Calif (March 31, 2011)  -- HubPages believes that while publishing has moved from an offline to an [...]

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The Little Red Carpet: The Pre-Oscar Lounge for Tiny Rising Stars

For two days before the Oscars in Hollywood, they are getting primped, pampered and adored.  No, not the nominees, but their little ones, at the Pre-Oscars Studio hosted by Jayneoni Moore. Each year before the premier award shows, the style expert and children’s wear designer, known as “the Baby Lady of Hollywood,” hosts [...]

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It’s Mine But You Can Have Some…But Please Give it Back When the Playdate is Over

One of my son's favorite songs is by Raffi, beloved children's singer from the 1970s.  The lyrics (see below) are about sharing, which is an important topic for three-year olds.  It’s mine but you can have some With you I’d like to share it ‘Cause if I share it with you You’ll have some too Well [...]

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Thanks for a Great 2010 – and a Promising 2011!

10,000 Readers! This morning I got my blog readership data from Wordpress, and I earned a "WOW rating!"  More than 10,000 readers visited my blog in 2010, up from last year and growing!  Thanks!  Go Figure My opinion of my best-written pieces didn't necessarily match up with the most-read.  Though I think it was well-written, I would [...]

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