Osmo STEAM experience helps kids learn coding and music

Coding Jam is the video game-like system that teaches kids to code while they play The other day my son commanded Google Home to play a custom playlist he had created on a Pandora. Two things occurred to me about this. First, wow. The digitally connected future vision of the The Jetsons was coming true; [...]

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Helping children combat sleep anxiety

Source: Tips to help you help your little ones get a good night's sleep As a parent, it’s a public matter that the biggest nightly challenge you need to face is to get your kids to bed, stay there, and sleep. Of course, it’s difficult, but it’s one of the things that you need [...]

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Easy Little Rider: The BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Makes Commuting with Kids a Breeze

Parents of young children traveling by plane often have the dilemma of the pick-up.  Either chance a taxi ride with no child booster for the car seat -- as in most states this is allowable by law for short hauls in hired vehicles, or trouble a relative or friend to arrange for a booster for [...]

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A Very Special Date Night – to Benefit Healthy Child Healthy World, Promoting a Toxin-Free World for Our Children

  Join loving and concerned parents like yourself for a special evening on September 13, 7-10pm,at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills to celebrate the accomplishments of the non-profit organization, Healthy Child Healthy World in their quest to rid our environment of toxins that are dangerous to our children. Founded by parents Nancy and James [...]

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Family Equality Council Releases “All Children Matter” Report

This morning, Family Equality Council is releasing a groundbreaking report in Washington D.C. designed to focus the national spotlight on the 2 million children being raised by LGBT parents. Read the report and find out how you can help  spread the word! All Children Matter shows how our kids have become the victims of antiquated [...]

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Gay Dad Runs for Mayor of San Francisco

Bevan Dufty is running to become Mayor of San Francisco. If elected on November 8, 2011, he would be the first openly gay Mayor of San Francisco. Last week he made headlines around the world when his first television campaign commercial -- produced by Obama ad guru Mark Putnam -- was released.  It was the [...]

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From Newsweek: You Got Your Sperm Where?

This article talks about a very disturbing DIY trend in insemination.  This is VERY, VERY dangerous territory, legally, emotionally, and otherwise, for mother and child.  The author glosses over a major point, "What if the donor claims custody?"  The issue of health concerns is also great, if a donor conceals health problems.  The tests for [...]

Don’t Swaddle Hips Too Tightly: Hip Dysplasia Institute Offers Safe Swaddling Tips

I was a big proponent of swaddling to keep my son calm and quiet as an infant.  I had no idea of the dangers of swaddling too tightly.  Fortunately my son does not have any hip problems due to swaddling.  Hope this helps for other moms who swaddle. Incorrect Swaddling Related to Increase in Infant Hip [...]

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