My Boy’s Doll

My son has adored dolls since he held his first one around age one.  He relishes playing tea party with Tara and Michaela, my partner’s nieces and their dolls when we visit Grandma’s house, and he just delights in pushing along my neighbor Stella’s doll in her play-stroller during their playdates. When I see him [...]

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One Kid’sTrash is a Another Kid’s Treasure

  My three-year-old son and I were up bright and early last Saturday, for a long-anticipated trip to the trash yard.  It might seem like an odd place for a family outing, but each year thousands of children and their families look forward to heading to their local trash yard for fun, food and festivities [...]

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Follow Up: Gary + Tony Have a Baby

GLAAD hosted a special advance screening of the CNN documentary Gary + Tony Have a Baby at the Paley Museum of TV in Beverly Hills a couple of nights ago.  It was a very nice affair with a rooftop reception with new GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios along with celebrity guests including gay mom Meredith Baxter and Wilson Cruz. The doc, [...]

Gary + Tony Have a Baby – Coming Soon

I'll be attending a screening of this "In America" report by Soledad O'Brien and Jarrett Barrios in LA tomorrow, followed by a panel discussion.  Hopefully it will be positive and not too sensational, though the trailer certainly is hyping the controversial aspects.  It will air on CNN June 24 at 8 p.m. ET. [youtube=]

Who’s the Man?

The question "Who's the man?" comes up a lot for me.  As a mother who has opted to have a baby using a sperm donor, and as a woman in a relationship with another woman, many people have asked, "Who is the man?"Latley I have wondered about this myself. Who really wears the pants in our family? [...]

Doctor, Lawyer, Trash Man?

 This morning I pinched my finger folding up my son's stroller, and I yelped "Oooww!"  A concerned look immediately crossed my 2.5-year-old son's face and he took my hand into his.    "Are you okay?"  he asked.  "I can make it feel better."   He examined my purpling finger and kissed it and then rubbed it with his [...]

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Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

For a chance to get a $50 Target card, here is my blog about five family vacation activities your kids will love. Ironically, I just returned from Virginia, and this contest is sponsored by Williamsburg tourism (and TwitterMoms).  Several weeks  before I set out to visit Virginia for two weeks, I tried to engage the Virginia tourism board to [...]