A 10-year-old boy shows the mettle he’s made of at his first 5K

The Hopecam 5K served as a proving ground for a first-time racer, and he was true to himself My son has always been a great athlete, and while I admit I brag about this, it really is true. The problem is, I have yet to find a sport that he will stick with. Each time [...]

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Ask or text, and an app, or a monkey, will give it unto you

  Welcoming the strangers into my home, via smart tech and apps, that know and tell everything In the new world of smart home tech, my son stares into the sky, seemingly talking to himself, but he is not spacing out, he is asking questions aloud, and getting answers, to his homework problems, via our [...]

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Familes in the Desert – Save the Date, October 26-28

Families in the Desert 2012 will be held Friday October 26 - Sunday, October 28 at the Embassy Suites Palm Desert   Twice I have attended the Families in the Desert, and both times it was a wonderful time for the whole family.  The event is a three-day weekend full of family-friendly events for LGBT [...]

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Family Equality Council Celebrates Prop 8 Victory and Triumphs for LGBT Families

Jennifer Chrisler and Me at Family Equality Council Los Angeles Dinner Chad Griffin, Patrick Murphy and Todd Parr Honored   It was a glorious ending to a historic week.  The timing of Family Equality Council’s Los Angeles Awards dinner on February 11, and the choice of star honoree Chad Griffin, could not have [...]

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Study Finds Teens of Lesbian Parents Just as Happy as Others

NEW STUDY: TEENS OF LESBIAN PARENTS ARE JUST AS HAPPY AS TEENS RAISED BY DIFFERENT-SEX COUPLES   AMSTERDAM – January 12, 2012 - The quality of life of 17-year-olds reared in lesbian-parent families did not differ from that of a matched group of adolescents who grew up in heterosexual-parent families, according to a new study [...]

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From Newsweek: You Got Your Sperm Where?

This article talks about a very disturbing DIY trend in insemination.  This is VERY, VERY dangerous territory, legally, emotionally, and otherwise, for mother and child.  The author glosses over a major point, "What if the donor claims custody?"  The issue of health concerns is also great, if a donor conceals health problems.  The tests for [...]

Letter from Family Equality Council’s Jennifer Chrisler on School Bullying

Just wanted to pass along this letter I received from Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler of the Family Equality Council.  I am fortunate to send my son to a pre-school in LA where he and our family are treated the same as everyone else.  There has never been an issue, question, challenge, uncomfortable moment, etc., ever at [...]

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Michele Bachman Says She Doesn’t Judge, but “Gay is Part of Satan”

[youtube=] Michele Bachman on Meet the Press refuses to respond to a clip of her speaking at an education conference in 2004 in which she says "Gay is part of Satan."  She says she doesn't judge, despite the fact that she has been clear about her views that the "gay lifestyle is very sad," and [...]

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