Jodie Foster Reponds to Battery Charges

My personal note: I tend to believe that Jodie Foster, who has an impeccable reputation, would not attack an innocent teenager trying to take a souvenir photo.  I do believe that as a mom she would stand up to predatory and intrusive paparazzi who are invading her and her children's privacy.  I have been caught in paparazzi crossfire before and [...]

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Terrible Threes

This morning my little darling, Stephen, who will be three in August, demonstrated just why his age is called "Terrible Twos."  After being told "no" when he wanted to pour more syrup on his already drowning pancakes, he threw a fit and tipped over the breakfast table. A cup of hot coffee landed on the dog, [...]

Who’s the Man?

The question "Who's the man?" comes up a lot for me.  As a mother who has opted to have a baby using a sperm donor, and as a woman in a relationship with another woman, many people have asked, "Who is the man?"Latley I have wondered about this myself. Who really wears the pants in our family? [...]

To Know Him is to Love Him

I just returned from a 13-day trip to the east coast with my 2.5-year-old son Stephen.  During our trip I realized something that, perhaps for many moms is a given, but for me it was a truly amazing and significant discovery:  how well I know my child. Introducing my son to new things, people, surroundings and situations, I realized that  I [...]

The Spirit of Grandma

My female friends -- and actually a few male -- have at one time or another exclaimed in horror, "Oh my God, I've become my mother."  Well, I've done them one better.  I've become my Grandmas.  At forty-something, and mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old,   I've discovered I am the re-incarnation of my frugal and practical Gramma Pearson-Pruitt, who never saw a need to [...]

Two Moms, One Special Day: 30 Great Mother’s Day Gifts and Giveaways

Mother’s Day on May 9 is a doubly festive occasion for two-mom households.  Not only do children get to show their love for their two moms, but moms get to show their appreciation to each other as parenting partners.  For the mom, or moms, in your life, show how much you care with one of [...]

This is What?

My partner Kira and I rented Michael Jackson's This Is It documentary and were watching it with my two-year-old son Stephen when he exclaimed, "She's dancing!" He was referring to Michael Jackson. "No, no," I gently corrected, "Michael Jackson is a man.  He's dancing." My son was unmoved.  "No she's not." He continued to watch the show and comment [...]

Mommy Come Lately – Just Seeing Must-See TV

  A few weeks ago I got the DVD set of the first season of Showtime's "The United States of Tara" in a gift bag from the HRC LA Gala, an event that I provided pro bono PR services for; otherwise I am sure I would not have rustled up the energy to attend, hired a babysitter, bought [...]