Doctor, Lawyer, Trash Man?

 This morning I pinched my finger folding up my son's stroller, and I yelped "Oooww!"  A concerned look immediately crossed my 2.5-year-old son's face and he took my hand into his.    "Are you okay?"  he asked.  "I can make it feel better."   He examined my purpling finger and kissed it and then rubbed it with his [...]

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Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

For a chance to get a $50 Target card, here is my blog about five family vacation activities your kids will love. Ironically, I just returned from Virginia, and this contest is sponsored by Williamsburg tourism (and TwitterMoms).  Several weeks  before I set out to visit Virginia for two weeks, I tried to engage the Virginia tourism board to [...]

The Spirit of Grandma

My female friends -- and actually a few male -- have at one time or another exclaimed in horror, "Oh my God, I've become my mother."  Well, I've done them one better.  I've become my Grandmas.  At forty-something, and mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old,   I've discovered I am the re-incarnation of my frugal and practical Gramma Pearson-Pruitt, who never saw a need to [...]

California Assembly Changes Gay ‘Cure’ law

Unbelieveable this was still on the books! Assembly Oks Change to Gay 'Cure' law STATE: Legislation from 1950 had labeled homosexuals as sexual deviants, sought study. By Cathy Bussewitz, The Associated Press Posted: 04/26/2010 09:07:21 PM PDT SACRAMENTO - A vote in the California Assembly on Monday to modify a 60-year-old law that classified gays as sexual [...]

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Two Moms, One Special Day: 30 Great Mother’s Day Gifts and Giveaways

Mother’s Day on May 9 is a doubly festive occasion for two-mom households.  Not only do children get to show their love for their two moms, but moms get to show their appreciation to each other as parenting partners.  For the mom, or moms, in your life, show how much you care with one of [...]

Looks Who’s Coming to Visit in the Hospital

Today's order by President Obama to give greater medical rights to same-sex partners, so that they may visit and make medical decisions for their partners in the hospital, made me think of my two dear and recently departed friends Richard Maloy and Tucker Bobst.  They were supporters of the gay TV show I produced in the mid 1990s, [...]

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This is What?

My partner Kira and I rented Michael Jackson's This Is It documentary and were watching it with my two-year-old son Stephen when he exclaimed, "She's dancing!" He was referring to Michael Jackson. "No, no," I gently corrected, "Michael Jackson is a man.  He's dancing." My son was unmoved.  "No she's not." He continued to watch the show and comment [...]

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The Challenge of a Gender-Neutral Easter Egg Hunt

My partner and I are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the neighborhood kids, and in the planning process we have learned how pervasive gender-role modeling is for children, and how unintentional it can be.  For starters, we got baskets and prizes for all the children, who are a mix of boys and girls.  We found [...]

Mommy Knows Best – Kudos to a Mommy Blogger on Ricky Martin’s Coming Out

Now I feel guilty.  I often hit "delete" when I get one of those mommy blog newsletters with recipes for the perfect souffle or tips for scrapbooking, because those types of Junior League topics just aren't my thing, but today I got a post from Momlogic that made me realize I need to not be a mom snob about [...]

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