Family Equality Council Urges LGBT Parents to Become Activists for the Sake of the Kids

Fun, games and activism were the order of the weekend at the annual Families in the Desert event, as sponsored by Family Equality Council on October 8-10  in Palm Desert, Calif., Held at the Embassy Suites Palm Desert in Palm Desert, Calif., the event, now in its fifth year, resembled a summer camp for LGBT families, where family meals, pool games, [...]

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Off to Palm Desert for a Playdate

  Next weekend my partner and I are headed to Palm Desert to part-tay, with sippy cups in hand.  Our three-year-old son will be along too as we join an estimated 60 LGBT families October 8-10 for some wild GLBT family fun, including rubber ducky races and a wildlife show, all part of Families in the [...]

Win Prizes from Life as We Know It!

Out with Mommy proudly presents a contest to win prizes from the upcoming movie Life as We Know It!  Entering is easy.  Just go to the Out with Mommy Facebook page and "like" it between now and October 11.  Then send us the message "Life as We Know It" on Facebook.  That''s it!  You're automically entered!  Winners will recieve [...]

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P’town Day Two: Family Week 2010

  On our way to dining and art walk adventures last night, we went by Crown & Anchor, one of the landmark gay bars of P'town, where Family Equality Council set up Family Week headquarters, but alas we were too late and they had wrapped up registration for the day.  We had planned to go [...]

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Follow Up: Gary + Tony Have a Baby

GLAAD hosted a special advance screening of the CNN documentary Gary + Tony Have a Baby at the Paley Museum of TV in Beverly Hills a couple of nights ago.  It was a very nice affair with a rooftop reception with new GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios along with celebrity guests including gay mom Meredith Baxter and Wilson Cruz. The doc, [...]

Terrible Threes

This morning my little darling, Stephen, who will be three in August, demonstrated just why his age is called "Terrible Twos."  After being told "no" when he wanted to pour more syrup on his already drowning pancakes, he threw a fit and tipped over the breakfast table. A cup of hot coffee landed on the dog, [...]

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Who’s the Man?

The question "Who's the man?" comes up a lot for me.  As a mother who has opted to have a baby using a sperm donor, and as a woman in a relationship with another woman, many people have asked, "Who is the man?"Latley I have wondered about this myself. Who really wears the pants in our family? [...]