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Troutdale: There’s Plenty of Fish in the Pond

Fishing near LA?  That’s what friends asked when we suggested we take our boys angling one afternoon.  Yes indeed, there’s fish in them there hills.  In Agoura, just an hour from the city, in two trout-stocked ponds on little compound known as Troutdale.  The best thing about Troutdale is that kids are just about guaranteed [...]

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Kate Hudson Flashes Cool Styles for the Holidays at Ann Taylor

Kate Hudson’s Holiday Picks at Ann Taylor Offer Styles for Every Woman on Your Gift List We can’t all look like Kate Hudson, but we can dress like her.  Ann Taylor’s latest celebrity model looks fabulous in the iconic clothier’s collection, from festive holiday dresses and sparkling bangles to luscious body hugging velvet pants and [...]

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A Guide to the Best Farmer’s Markets in LA

The Los Angeles Farmer’s Market Almanac Farmer’s Market (The Original LA Farmer’s Market) 6333 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 933-9211 Monday - Friday: 9 am to 9 pm Saturday 9 am to 8 pm Sunday 10 am - 7 pm The farmer’s market that calls itself “the original” in Los Angeles [...]

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How Vidal Sassoon Made Me a Model

A style from Vidal Sassoon's Athletica Collection Everyone has heard of Vidal Sassoon. Some of us might still remember the, “We don’t look good, if you don’t look good,” TV commercials of the 70s and 80s.” That iconic phrase forever branded Vidal Sassoon as one of the most visionary and authoritative names in [...]

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Lake Casitas: Camp Sweet Camp

Lake Casitas Rentals offers motor boats, paddle boats, canoes and other boats by the hour or day. Our weekend outing to Lake Casitas was my first camping trip since Girl Scouts, and this time there was no sit-upon or mess kit.  Camping today is a first-class affair, with all the creature comforts of [...]

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A Happy Halloween at LEGOLAND, Family Friendly Accommodations at West Inn & Suites

[slideshow] Halloween is not the same as when I was a kid.  I remember treat-or-treating after dark, house-to-house, unaccompanied by adults, and getting homemade popcorn balls, Rice Krispy treats and fruit in my pillow case.  Sure, we spooked each other out with the urban myth about the weirdo who once put a razor blade in [...]

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Boom Boom Room Pre-Emmy Event Rocks for Celeb Parents

The Boom Boom Room was rocking again this year as kid brands showcase their wares for Celeb parents and friends on the eve of the Emmy Awards. Though I didn’t run into any famous faces this year at this year’s venue, the Roosevelt Hotel’s Academy room, I did rub elbows with a stellar group of [...]

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Date Night in Beverly Hills Raises Funds for Healthy Child Healthy World

The Clover cow mascot from Clover Organic Farms was on hand to help serve delicious berries and cream “You are what you eat.” they say, so it made sense that the tony crowd at Date Night looked ravishing. Pretty dresses and bright smiles abounded as 300 parents, friends and supporters of the non-profit [...]

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A Very Special Date Night – to Benefit Healthy Child Healthy World, Promoting a Toxin-Free World for Our Children

  Join loving and concerned parents like yourself for a special evening on September 13, 7-10pm,at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills to celebrate the accomplishments of the non-profit organization, Healthy Child Healthy World in their quest to rid our environment of toxins that are dangerous to our children. Founded by parents Nancy and James [...]

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