Random Gifts You Didn’t Get But Wish You Did

Random Gifts You Didn’t Get But Wish You Did

Wondering what to do with those random gift cards, or the store credit you will get when you return those very thoughtful gifts that you will simply never use?  Take advantage of after-holiday sales, and pick up a few nice things for yourself, that no one thought to get you, but you wouldn’t mind having.

Love Your Selfie

Are you always the photographer, and never in the shot?  Get the Click Stick ($30). and never be left out of a photo again.  A clamp at the end of an adjustable-angle 40-inch telescopic extender rod holds your smartphone and takes a photo with the press of a button on the handle.  This ultimate selfie tool is compatible with most smartphones, can be angled for portrait or landscape perspectives, and there is no pairing or batteries required.  Available at Amazon and other national retailers.clickstick

Sock it to Me

Everyone needs socks, but rarely are they on gift lists.  If you were hankering for stockings besides those hung by the chimney with care, warm up with Heat Holders ($19.99 pair) , touted as “the warmest thermal socks,” these acrylic, nylon, poly and elastane socks earned a 2.3 rating on the textile industry’s standard of TOG (thermal overall grade), and are more than seven times warmer than a basic cotton sock.  Perfect if you live in colder climes.  Available at national retailers.


Non-Sticky Situation

For foodies who love the latest cooking innovations, Cookina Cuisine makes a reusable non-stick, easy- clean alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper suitable for gas and electric ovens, microwaves and panini-type grills. The liner can be placed on baking trays, pans and other baking surfaces heated up to 500 degrees F for oil-free juicier and healthier cooking, and it keeps your cookware clean and helps it last longer.  After use the product can be wiped cleaned and stored on a special included ring. Available at cookina.co for $12.99.


What’s Your Wallet Made Of

With all the talk of Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other digital wallets, the old-fashioned wallet has been forgotten. The wallet gets its mojo back with Wojo Wallet ($12.95), a new-fangled wallet for today’s active person who wants to run, hike, bike or even swim with without the worry of having to stash a bulky leather wallet.  The compact and easy-clean Wojo, made of silicone and neoprene, fits your essentials — ID, credit cards and cash — and goes anywhere and even floats.   Available in four trendy colors.


No Fall of Shame

If you wear high heels and have ever had your foot slip out of your shoe or tripped in public because your heel won’t stay in place, Sticky Shoes ($8.95) is your solution to the “Fall of Shame.”  The double- sided adhesive strip discretely inserts into the heel part of the insole of each shoe to keep your foo tin place and your shoe on your foot.  So next time you dress to impress in your sexy stilettoes, walk with confidence without worrying about wobbles, tumbles and wipeouts. Available at www.stickyshoes.comee8f2a33-1ad4-4919-a805-1

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