Battery Head

Battery Head

Tragedy averted!  I thought ahead and got a duplicate Sony Digital Camera Battery, which I always keep in my suitcase, so when I inevitably leave behind my charger, I do not miss out on capturing memories on trips.  It happened again this trip – running late, running out the door, I of course forgot my spare battery, but the one I kept in my suitcase saved the day.

This Easter holiday I didn’t miss any of the great photo ops at Easter Egg Hunts, yes, plural, as we had three!  And I got group shots of all the cousins who I had not seen in more than a decade, and I even was able to take pics of the old bikes, high chair and other stuff my mom and dad wanted me to help her sell on craigslist while I was home visiting.

So, now I have digital images of all the Golden Egg moments, family reunion shots, and we scored with some items I sold online.  Thanks to being such a prepared Girl Scout!

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