The Talk of My House: Giving Up the Binky, Supernanny Style

The Talk of My House: Giving Up the Binky, Supernanny Style

More on yesterday’s adventure on The Talk.  Despite being preempted by President Obama, my parents actually figured out how to watch the show online at  Mom called last night to tell me I did a great job, though I did look bigger than I really am.  “I know!” I said,”  “You know, the camera adds 50 pounds.”

 To prove it was the TV  cameras and not reality, below are pics of me and the other moms from the show, and we all do look normal size!  I think standing next to the stick-figure hosts didn’t help the illusion of my bigness, but really, I digress, as the real point of the show was getting advice from Supernanny Jo Frost. 

Dora, me and Dawn in our dressing room at The Talk

Jo gave me excellent tips on how to get my son to give up his pacifier.  She came back to the dressing room where me and the other moms were hanging out after the show to follow up.  I felt like one of the kids on the Supernanny show as she wagged her ginger and asked me to repeat back to her what I was going to do. 

“I’m going to take it away from him, tonight,” I assured her.

And I did.  When I got home last night, I took every binky in the house and had Stephen help me put them into a baggie. 

“These are going off to the Binky Fairy so she can give them to some babies who need them, because you are too old for a binky now,” I explained.

He resisted. 

“I don’t want to give them to the babies.  I want my binkies!”  He cried.

He cried a lot.  Tears-streaming-down-his-face-wailing crying.  It was heart-wrenching.  I knew a binky would bring him instant comfort, but I stood firm.  The binky was causing damage to his dental development.  To be a good mom, I needed to be strong and not give in, for his own good.

By bedtime he was still repeating his “I want a binky” mantra over, and over and over.  As he lay down to sleep, he repeated it until his voice trailed off in slumber. 

Then, a remarkable think happened.  He stayed sound asleep the entire night.  Usually he wakes up, looking for his binky if its fallen out of his mouth.  Then he has to go to the bathroom.  Then he wants to play.  Last night, none of that happened.  He stayed asleep all night, waking refreshed and happy at 6:15 am, and the first thing he uttered to me was, “Look, no binky!”

He opened his mouth for me to examine, as if a binky might be hidden in there.  He was proud.  He smiled broadly. 

“That’s wonderful,” I told him, hugging him.  “I’m so proud of you!”

Several times this morning as I served him breakfast and I got him dressed for school, he showed me again, mouth open wide, “See, no binky!”

I had no idea it would be so easy.  But I don’t want to speak too soon.  Let’s see how today and the next day goes.  I have my fingers crossed that we’ve seen the last of the binky in our house.

* Last notes on The Talk.  I really did have a terrific time at the show.  Everyone from the producer who talked us through everything we were going to do, to the production assistants to escorted us place to place, to the guy who picked us up in a golf cart like VIPS to drive us from the parking garage to the door of our dressing room, to the hair and make up people who glammed us up, to the guy who told us where to walk to hit our mark on the stage on cue — were incredibly friendly, efficient, professional and personable.  They made us feel like rock stars. 

The other moms who I had the pleasure of meeting were also terrific.  We laughed about how we had to narrow down which parenting “problem” to talk to Jo about, because we had so many, which made me feel good that I am not the only mom out there who has not perfected motherhood.  Ok, so it was basically a walk-on role with about 20 seconds of dialog, but it was great fun, and I got to meet some super nice people, and it gave me an exciting experience to share along with spot-on advice from Jo Frost that made me finally take action to get my son to give up the binky.  Hopefully sharing my story about taking Jo’s advice and how it worked with help someone else.  Guess why that’s why the show’s called The Talk!

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  1. Dorie December 8, 2010 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    I am so glad you had an easy first night! Congrats; I can’t wait to hear how the next few go. Who knows, Stephen just might surprise you!

    Good luck,

  2. Christie Goss February 7, 2011 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for ideas of how to wean my 2.5 year old from her paci. I am so curious to hear how this went after your initial 2 posts? Did the Paci Fairy leave this issue to rest? How is he sleeping now? Thanks so much! I look forward to readin an update.


    • kpearsonb February 7, 2011 at 2:21 pm - Reply

      Hi Chrsitie, he never looked back! He sleeps better, acts better, and no more battles or tantrums over the binky! Even one time when he found one under the bed, he handed it to me and said, “No more binkies.” Good luck. Hope your situation resolves as well as mine did!

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