Chicboom: Gonna Party Like Its 1999

Chicboom: Gonna Party Like Its 1999

Ok, so I am not 24 any more, but I am also not 70 (not that that’s old, Mom), and I can still be cool sometimes.  My partner and I felt pretty hip when we figured out how to use the “genius” shuffle on her Nano Pod, but we’ve done ourselves one better with our newest tech toy, the Chicboom ($24.99,

It’s a mini keychain speaker that we can use to plug in her iPod or my SanDisc RadioSlot (MP3) Player so that we can share music on the go. It’s 2-watt amplified speaker puts out four hours of quality sound, in fact amazing sound for a device this small.  It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that charges using a USB cable, and it can connect with any standard 3.5 mm stereo jack.

So maybe I using it to play JT, which in my case stands for James Taylor, not Justin Timberlake, and the Prince I love is from 1999, but musical tastes aside, even my 24-year-old nanny was impressed!

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