Off to Telluride! All’s Well That Ends Well?

Off to Telluride! All’s Well That Ends Well?


The view from our room at Peaks Resort in Telluride

We got up at 4 am to get ready for our winter vacation in Telluride.  Gay Ski Week here we come!  As we waited in line at LAX to check in for our 6:15 am flight, we tried to get Stephen to take some Motrin as our pediatrician suggested just in case he had any ear pain on take off and landing due to his ear infection last week — which the doc said was all cleared up.

As I wrestled with him in his  backpack and tried to cajole and bribe him into taking the medicine, he cried and screamed “No Mommy,” as onlookers wondered what the heck I was doing to my child.  Finally, I was able to squirt the medicine dropper into his mouth with a teaspoon of the Motrin, but then he abruptly gagged and spit it out and began choking and coughing, and then he vomited.

He just had struggled and resisted and gotten himself so worked up that he threw up, but now it was over and he was fine.  But he was covered in vomit.  We unzipped our luggage and got clean clothes for him.  As we hurriedly dressed him, we lost our place in line at check in, and by the time we got to the counter we had missed our plane.  The agent took pity on us and rebooked us on a later flight.

So we finally arrived in Telluride, after a plane change and tight connection in Salt Lake City (yeah, through Utah to get to Colorado) and then caught our shuttle for the resort and another 1.5 hour of travel, up icy roads, to reach our summit, the beautiful Peaks Resort.

Our room and view are spectacular.  From our balcony we overlook endless snow-covered hills and trees and have a vantage of the gondola that takes visitors free into town.  We toured our hotel and discovered a world-class spa, Pilates studio, heated  indoor-outdoor pool and water slide (Stephen was ecstatic), and a Great Room where we could relax, order beverages and food and watch the Olympics on a huge screen.

I suited Stephen up in his adorable new Columbia Whoosh snow suit from, and we wandered into the winter wonderland just outside our hotel’s back door.  Stephen shrieked and jumped up and down with delight to make his first snowball and first snow angel, and he taste snow for the first time as he fell face forward into the white fluff.  We were all enthralled.

We took a five-minute walk to the foot of the slopes and the local town plaza for a late lunch, and had a delicious Sol di California pizza (you can take the girls out of Cali…) topped with feta, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, and then went to shop a bit at Neve ski ports store for a ski jacket for me.

Despite a nap en route, Stephen was getting a bit cranky, so Kira decided to take him back to the room while I was trying on some jackets.  As she headed down the icy walkway toward our hotel, she slipped and landed flat on her back.  Luckily, Stephen had a padded landing on top of her and all her layers of winter wear, so he was fine, but she was not so good.

Hardly able to move, she made it back to the hotel where we got ice from room service.  I trekked out to the local market via gondola to get some Advil and other provisions.  When I got back, both Kira and Stephen were sound asleep, out for the night.   I got into my snuggly PJs I got just for this trip ( Munki Munki “Ski Trip” white flannel PJs , $90, and passed out myself.

This morning Kira’s back is black and blue, and the jury is out on whether by later today or tomorrow we’ll be able to ski or do any of the other activities we had planned.

Dog sledding, snowmobiling, skiing, swimming, parties … here we come?

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