V-Day Sick Day

V-Day Sick Day

After a misdiagnosis as stomach flu, then ongoing fever for three days and a new diagnosis of ear infection in both ears, followed by treatment with an antibiotic that didn’t work, followed by a fourth visit to the pediatrician and urgent care, I hope Stephen is now on the mend.  Needless to say my Valentine’s Day was not so romantic with my girlfriend and I as I was doing my best to console a feverish two-year old and cleaning up barf, but we did manage to take a few minutes out to give each other cards and token gifts.

I gave Kira a book called Monday Hearts for Madalene, which is a lovely photo book of hearts constructed with flowers, hardware, grass, candies, figs, candles and other simple daily ephemera to form a moving display and expression of love from the author, Page Hodel, to her one true love, Madalene Rodriguez, on whose doorstep she left these hearts each Monday morning.

Kira gave me the gift that truly captures the state of our lives — a stack of lottery cards, and of course, two quarters which we used to scratch them off, to see if we might get lucky.  unbelievably, even with 1 in 3 winning odds, not one of the cards was a winner.  Oh well.

When Stephen’s temperature went down to normal and he seemed to be doing a lot better , i.e., jumping up and down and asking to go outside to ride his tricycle, I figured we could break away for a Valentine’s dinner — and I had reserved the babysitter weeks ago, so we ducked out to Grand Lux for Kira’s favorite ahi tuna salad and my fave chicken piccata.  Not fancy, but really we didn’t feel like getting dressed up anyway, and with the preoccupation of Stephen’s illness all week we had forgotten to make dinner reservations.

Thing is, once we were out, we worried so much about Stephen that we ate our dinner in a hurry and rushed home.  Truth is, there was no other place I preferred to be than home with him.  So indeed Valentine’s was a day to express our love, in the new form it has taken since my new love came along.

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