More on Lesbian Custody Dispute

More on Lesbian Custody Dispute


By Ryan Holman,

A Calif., lesbian couple are embroiled in a custody dispute over two children, and a sperm donor has become part of the equation.

NBC Bay Area has reported that K has sued for joint custody of the twin boys whom she and M had agreed to raise. Q has become romantically involved with the sperm donor for the twins, and they now plan on raising the boys together. Q and the donor seek to exclude S from custody of the children, who share the hyphenated last name.

Representing S, Deborah Wald of the National Center for Lesbian Rights calls the case “a very dangerous precedent for lesbian couples having children with the assistance of known sperm donors” if custody is not awarded to S.

Q’s attorney Darlene Kemp, however, maintains that “it’s being turned into something political, when it’s not that at all. It doesn’t have anything to do with sexual orientation. She doesn’t meet the criteria of a presumed parent.” Indeed, the couple never registered as domestic partners with California although the twins’ birth certificate lists both women as parents.

Q and her lover seek to make clear that “supporting me in the fight does not mean you’re opposed to supporting non-biological parents in same-sex unions” on a Facebook page and website intended to attract public support and financial help in paying legal fees.

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