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Celebrate with a bang on Fourth of July

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All you need for your patriotic festivities Independence Day is around the corner, so get ready to celebrate in style and spirit. Be a star at your July 4th party with festive food, drink and Americana accoutrement made for entertaining and enjoying your holiday. Hole-in-won! You can't miss with a flag themed bean bag toss game. [...]

Binge shopping for the Fourth at the place that is never the same place twice

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My addiction to TJ Maxx, and my one-stop shopping binge for everything Fourth of July As I loaded up for Independence Day festivities at my secret place, before I noticed two hours had passed. I wondered how the time had gotten away from me, as it always does when I go there; and more broadly, [...]

Wear the pants that put you in control

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SlimSation everyday pants, to wear wherever you are There are a lot of crop pants out there, but SlimSation pants by Multiples are not your garden-variety pants. This slimming pant, as the name implies, is designed to slim your figure, and make you look your sensational best. The pants feature a flexible tummy control panel that [...]

The dazzling unstoppable REVOQ fidget spinner

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WeFidget creates ultimate fully loaded fidget spinner The hot new fidget spinner REVOQ from WeFidget is the best thing I've seen since the faux Cartier diamond encrusted solid gold spinner on SNL. Though I'm not a connoisseur of fidget spinner's, my nine-year-old son he is. He and his friends are so addicted to them that [...]

Fireworks and skiing in Lake Tahoe

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Mountain resorts make history by extending ski season to July Fourth   Careful what you wish for For the first time in history, mountain resorts in Lake Tahoe have officially extended their ski season through July 4th weekend. After several dry winters, the Lake Tahoe resorts saw their snowiest season on record, reporting 700 inches [...]

Summer shape, for your vehicle

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Protect your paint and interior and keep all systems go for summer road trips Just like your Mom told you, even if the sun is behind the clouds, UV rays can be damaging to your skin; but bet she didn’t mention what those rays can do to your vehicle.  Sun, heat, salty sea air and [...]

Amazing DIY home makeovers in minutes

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Bring out your inner interior decorator and give a room a new look, in a day, or minutes Giving a living space a new look does not always require a major renovation, or a contractor.  Here are a few DIY ideas for refreshing and reviving a room with a fresh new style, no home improvement [...]