Ask or text, and an app, or a monkey, will give it unto you

  Welcoming the strangers into my home, via smart tech and apps, that know and tell everything In the new world of smart home tech, my son stares into the sky, seemingly talking to himself, but he is not spacing out, he is asking questions aloud, and getting answers, to his homework problems, via our [...]

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Serius: The smartest gloves on the mountain

Serius thermal gloves are the first gloves for which I've had to read a instruction manual. That said, the instructions were pretty simple. Charge the batteries for about three hours, insert the batteries into the wrist cuff and press the button to the desired heat level. Oh yeah, and don't forget, you can swipe away [...]

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March 3 is National Day of Unplugging : It's Official—Women Spend More Time on Their Phones Than Men

Parents of teens and even elementary school age kids are often complaining of them being addicted to their smartphones and social media, and the sad reality is that these habits start early and follow them into adulthood.  In fact, many of them are modeling the behavior of their phone-addicted parents. March 3 is a day [...]

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This adorable portable battery will grow on you

If you or your kids' phones run out of juice at the end of the day, this little fella will come to the rescue in style.  The Cheero FLOWERS Power Plus portable battery almost makes a low battery fun. The brightly colored 10050 mAh mobile battery has a unique design of a cartoon face, with two [...]

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Tech the halls: 12 gadgets for the techie on your holiday gift list

If you are shopping for a tech geek this holiday season, here are 12 great electronic gifts that will light them up. Take charge The myCharge RazorPlatinum portable charger ($99.99) is the perfect companion for the MacBook on the go. It charges a MacBook in 100 minutes via a USB – C port, and it [...]

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Amped Wireless offers new Wi-Fi solution with improved safety tools for kids online

If you hate those "reloading" reloading messages when you are streaming your favorite shows, and you worry about what content your kids are accessing online, Amped Wireless has a new solution for your family. Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless solutions, is bridging Wi-Fi performance, security and simplicity with the launch of ALLY, [...]

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Microsoft Store Has Their Own Geniuses

I love my Microsoft tablet, a Nokia Lumina 2520 , with a foldable keyboard case that can go anywhere, especially if I want full functionality but not a heavy and bulky laptop to take on blogging assignments, etc.  Now Microsoft has their own stores like the Apple store but done better in my opinion.  They [...]

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