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Giving Thanks for Sunday meals with family

Memories of Sunday supper, and recipes for cherished memories Me *third from left) and the cousins, at Grandma Pruitt's for Sunday supper Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, but growing up in my family, Sundays were hectic. First it was Sunday school for me and my brother. Usually Dad stayed home to [...]

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Ask or text, and an app, or a monkey, will give it unto you

  Welcoming the strangers into my home, via smart tech and apps, that know and tell everything In the new world of smart home tech, my son stares into the sky, seemingly talking to himself, but he is not spacing out, he is asking questions aloud, and getting answers, to his homework problems, via our [...]

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The student survival kit for an all-nighter

8 items that get the grade when burning the midnight oil It's midterm time, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning is an unfortunate reality for hard-studying students, but pulling an all-nighter does not have to be a miserable experience. Here are a few survival items for making the hours go faster [...]

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Fred 62 is #1 for my 10-year-old

Iconic Los Feliz diner serves up everyday, anytime food for everyone I was afraid my picky, eats-like-a-bird 10-year-old son would not find anything to nosh on at Fred 62.  Trained by his health-conscious dad at a young age to have a taste for only healthy, gourmet food, he generally scoffs a restaurant fare, but we [...]

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Turningfire modern rotisserie puts a modern spin on roasting on a spit

Eagle Rock eatery turns up the heat with flavorful rotisserie cuisine Turningfire Modern Rotisserie in Eagle Rock is a year-old restaurant with a fire-brand new concept that is skewering traditional rotisserie cuisine. Michael Rolibi came up with the idea of a rotisserie restaurant with a modern twist in a setting he calls premium casual, which [...]

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LA outdoors: enjoy an outdoor movie or concert, into autumn

Mild temperatures keep LA outdoor nightlife lively into fall LA outdoor nightlife Southern Californians don’t know how lucky they are. While East coasters are storing their patio furniture for the long winter, SoCal dwellers can enjoy shirtsleeves outdoors for months to come. Even at night, when temperatures drop to their lowest, a sweater or light [...]

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Female engineer helps women take back power when it comes to cars

Girl's Auto Clinic founder offers guide to women car owners to help women perform basic fixes and maintenance Patrice Banks' Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide is just the kind of book my father wished I'd had when I got my first car, and second, and third, and so on. Instead of calling him up [...]

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If you thought sneaking off to Micky D's was bad…

  Fat Sal's Deli gives the bros what they crave As the name Fat Sal's Deli implies, you would not expect to find quinoa salads and kale here. This is a burger and sub joint. And also chili, and shakes. The subs are, well, fat, some of them filled with everything but the kitchen sink. [...]

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Osmo STEAM experience helps kids learn coding and music

Coding Jam is the video game-like system that teaches kids to code while they play The other day my son commanded Google Home to play a custom playlist he had created on a Pandora. Two things occurred to me about this. First, wow. The digitally connected future vision of the The Jetsons was coming true; [...]

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